Saturday, December 13, 2008


  • The Book of the Dead consisted of 200 spells (chapters). Woah that's a lot of spells right? Below I have listed a few.
  • Spells 2-4 give the body the powers to revisit earth, visit the gods, and travel in the sky.

Spells21-23 secured the help in several gods in the "opening of the mouth" ceremony. Basically its the gods giving the dead body the ability to eat and breathe.

Spell 25 brings back the body's memories. This starts to make sense although I don't really get the fact that they lost their memory in the first place.

Spell 42 puts every part of the body under protection of a god or goddess. Protection from what ghosts.

Spell 43 protects the body from decapitation. What is there some special swoard that cuts through a spirits heads.

Spell 44 prevents the body from dieing a second time. How is it going to die a second time? What are they afraid of their already dead and if memory serves me right when your dead, your dead.

Spells 130- 131 allows the body to use the boats of sunrise and sunset.

The spells listed above are only a select few that I chose to write about. There are so many other spells but, I didn't want to take up too much space.

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